Ethical Breeder Award

Congratulations on being awarded the "Pets4Homes Ethical Breeder Award"

for English Springer Spaniels. 

This award is only handed out to breeders
who we believe to be responsible and ethical breeders in your chosen
breed. We have viewed your website and believe that you are responsible
breeders. We especially think your website shows you put alot of effort
and care in to the breeding of English Springer Spaniels.

At Pets4Homes we have several criteria for determining whether a breeder is
considered ethical or not. These criteria are listed below :

a) Should only breed to improve the English Springer Spaniel breed.
Meaning that the breeder only breeds from dogs which display excellent
characteristics of the breed.

b) Make use of relevant health screening schemes on all breeding stock.
These schemes include DNA testing, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and
inherited eye conditions etc....

c) Care for the puppies correctly before finding them new caring homes,
this includes making sure the puppies are weaned correctly and that the
puppies are socialised.

d) Provide a reasonable aftercare advice to the new owners via telephone
or email.

e) If necessary, you should commit to help with the re-homing of a dog,
for whatever reason, throughout the dog's lifetime, if the new owner asks
you to.

By receiving this award, shown below, you are entilted to display it, if
you so wish, on your breeders website (homepage or other pages) to show
people that you adhere to our ethical breeding practices at Pets4Homes. To
display the award, just copy and paste the code below the award on to your
website. The award has been designed to be compatible with any background
colour you may have on your website.

To view and download your award, please visit the page below :!openform&Breed=English+Springer+Spaniel&type=Dogs

Many Thanks

Mark Singleton
Pets4Homes Website Manager