Calvdale English Springer Spaniels

Bred in Yorkshire for Type and Temperament

& Cocker Spaniels



Jasmin Harrison




Nicola – just a short note to tell you that all is well with our new puppy.  He is still doing great and is the star of the puppy class. The trainer thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread!



Hello Nicola. Just to let you know that our puppy has settled beautifully and is getting on fabulously. Where do I start.?  She is an absolute beauty. Excellent in the house, brilliant off and on the lead. Loves to mix with other dogs. Kids are crazy about her. I am constantly being showered with compliments about her when we are out on our walks…..


I can not thank you enough for providing us with such a much loved dog.  I have never spent so much time outdoors……


Thought you would like to see the pictures of our two. She is so pretty and he so handsome and as daft as a brush. People stop me in the street and say what beautiful dogs…..


They are the sweetest natured of dogs and admired by all who see them………..



Nicola. Just wanted to tell you that you sold me the best dog in the world!  He is a doll.  He is loving, obedient, happy intelligent and so eager to please. On top of that he is just gorgeous……………………………….


Just to say he is everything I have ever wanted in a dog. He is an absolute dream and we are so happy with him…………………..


Hello again. Just thought I would let you know how things are progressing here. As you know when I purchased Tide it was my intension to train him to the gun as indeed I have done with many dogs before him. The different with him is that he is show bred but can I tell you….as someone with over 50 years experience of working dogs, this is the easiest I have ever had to train, the quickest to learn and to date shows me he could be the best working dog I have ever owned – not bad for a show bred dog.  I appreciate now that your dogs have the inbuilt instinct to do what they were bred for. Beauty and brains. That can’t be bad……………………….